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Twin Ninja Sake Saison Release March 2018


Bringing together our mutual love of experimentation with our desire for drinkable, yet interesting craft ales, Gemini Beer Company and 300 Suns Brewing created Twin Ninja Sake Saison. Two breweries. Two yeasts. One perfectly balanced beer. Saison and sake yeast join forces to create an ale that is dry and crisp like sake with the complex fruity esters of a smooth saison.  Hand-selected malts are combined with jasmine rice to add unique character to this golden hued, lightly hopped ale.

Gemini Beer Company is a old pro at canning but this is the first venture into canning for 300 Suns Brewing. Cans will be available throughout the Front Range, as well as at the 300 Suns Tasting Room. Check back here as we update locations.

IMG_5760 IMG_5759

300 Suns will host the release party March 23, starting at 6:30pm. The artist that illustrated our Twin Ninjas, Jenna Huisken, will be on hand with some of her quirky original pieces. We will be giving away some six packs to some lucky customers!

In addition, Gemini and 300 Suns will be at the Colorado Brewer’s Guild Collaboration Fest at the end of March serving up Twin Ninja so swing by and taste some.


Cupid’s A-Salt


We are releasing our second beer in bottles! Come join us for the release party where we will celebrate the love of craft ales as well as have giveaways all evening. Cupid’s A-Salt Toffee Imperial Brown Ale is certainly a mouthful in more ways than one. We plan on releasing this beer only seasonally so get it while you can!

A welcome assault of sweet and salty goodness on your tongue. This imperial brown was brewed with roasted malts and vanilla – with just a touch of sea-salt – to evoke the flavor of a mouth-watering, gourmet salted toffee. Finishes clean and dry so you can fall head over heels over and over again.  10% ALC/VOL • 30 IBUs

We will be releasing this in 22 oz. bombers which will be available in liquor stores and in the tasting room. We will also have this available on tap for a limited time in the tasting room.

Check back here soon for a list of liquor stores that carry Cupid’s A-Sale

Happy New Year note

A note from 300 Suns as we head into the New Year and say THANK YOU to all of our existing and future customers! Thank you!!! You are awesome…and also gorgeous…and smart, did we mention how gosh-darned smart you are?

Dear Future Customers:

Hi, you don’t know us but welcome to 300 Suns Brewing. We hope to see you in the new year! Here’s the inside scoop on who we are:

  • We’re just people and when we started this brewery we never had delusions we were beer gods. We think that means we can provide an experience that makes us feel like home to other normal people. We also think that opens opportunities in creating our beer that craft beer snobbery would close for us. But if you are a craft beer snob, that’s ok, we’ll serve up our best IPA and happily discuss what’s going on in the craft beer industry with you.
  • We work really hard making beer for you to enjoy. It’s also for us, but mostly, we hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think. We listen, we care.
  • Our first two years were really rough. As I type this, there is a Hawaiian shirt on a hanger behind me. It is meant to be made into a cask handle in memory of Mark, our brewer who passed away this past year. You will see little touches from Mark throughout the brewery. When you think our hands free restroom door pulls, our silver pennies in the bartop, our cask beer engine, our recharging station are all cool, we smile because those were all Mark’s touches.
  • There are touches of all of us in the brewery. We had the builders do everything that required a professional by law and then we did all the rest with the help of our friends and families. We continue to try to provide those touches. There is love here and we hope you feel it. Built with love, brewed with love. There is even a glass work of art behind the bar that was “public art” created by our customers (with some help from Judy Batty).
  • Our Rabbit Mountain Red is super delicious. So is our Sun Wortshipper Brown Ale. We are also sad when they go off tap and try our best not to let that happen. It sometimes does and the reason why is you drink too much…wait no… we are people making beer in a very small brewery and sometimes things happen beyond our control and sometimes we screw up. We are always working on it and hope that it happens less and less as we learn and grow. However, we love when you try a new beer besides the Red or Brown, and then decide it is your new favorite. We brew a lot of different beers and it’s really hard to walk out the door without having tried a beer you like. Exploring beer is fun. Come explore with us in a way that you can only do at a small craft brewery.
  • Have we mentioned we are small? From our brewery to our new borrowed bottler, everything is done with a handful of people spit-balling, brainstorming and troubleshooting our way to delicious craft beer. You won’t find fancy equipment or a team of experts here. Just little ole us and and a dream.
  • We have food. We have been told things like “best grilled cheese ever” and “oh my god this is amazing”. Try it sometime. The sandwiches are made from scratch and to order. The cheeses are from the Cheese Importers paired especially to go with beer. The salsas are amazing and surprising. The recipes, like our beer recipes were crafted with love.
  • We also have hard cider and wine. See point one. We aren’t beer snobs and we realize some of your friends don’t like or can’t drink beer. We think that’s just fine and would like to meet them anyway…they are probably really nice.

Dear Existing  Customers:

Welcome to 2016. We have lots of ideas on what to do this year and our focus is really on the beer. It’s easy to get distracted by all the other things we can do as a brewery. From music (which we love) to comedy (which we love) and we want to continue to do the fun things that having a brewery allows us to do. However, this year and every year after, we are renewing our focus on providing fun, interesting, delicious, well-balanced craft ales to the world (well to our world of Longmont and maybe a few miles beyond!) from our very small, hand-crafted brewery.

So here’s what is up in 2016:


OK, we were reluctant to get started and now, frankly we are beginning to sound like addicts hoping for our next fix. Bottling gives us a different avenue with different challenges and we love a good challenge. Look for some more bottles in stores as we experiment with new recipes and bring back some old favorites to put on the shelves. Our plan is to have some consistent favorites that you can find all the time as well as seasonal and limited editions.

On tap:

Dan is really coming into his own with brewing and that’s exciting for us to experience. Expect his voice to be coming through more in 2016 as he continues to hone his new trade. Sometimes life throws you a curveball and it’s pretty amazing to watch that curveball turn into lemonade…oh ha, see what I did there…

In restaurants:

Michael is working hard getting our beer out the door to restaurants in Longmont and beyond, more of that good stuff in 2016.

Beer-centric events:

We’re working on ways to provide events that focus on beer, so look for some fun stuff in the coming year, including an extension of our SMASH Vertical Tasting we did this past year where we brewed different hops in our SMASH recipe and tried the results next to each other. Next up: find out how different yeast strains affect the aroma and taste of beer. Also, our Chili Cook-off will be taking a twist and becoming a chili cook-off beer tasting combo event. More on that later!

Bottling our first beer!

Slow Order Barrel-Aged Stout in Bottles

300 Suns Brewing Slow Order Barrel-Aged Stout

Slow Order Barrel-Aged Stout

When we first opened our doors, and even before, bottling wasn’t even really on the to-do list.. We mentioned it from time to time in meetings, or in passing. Occasionally we would brave an utterance of “someday we might put this into a bottle.” It was a very distant hope.

The business of starting and running a brewery with a tasting room and now a small kitchen has always and probably will always take precedence in our list of priorities. Our love of this industry stems from wanting that connection to our customer which is so direct in the tasting room. Bottling our beers and sending them out into the world for STRANGERS to drink seemed so…well….not the intimate, connected, craft beer drinking experience we were after.

But eventually it was our customers that pushed us. It became a regular occurrence to hear “when are you going to be in my local liquor store?”

So, here we are. We took a leap. And let me tell you it felt like a big one at first. How in the heck are we going to afford the equipment and staff to get beer into a bottle, labeled and out to stores?

Turns out, it is actually a lot of work, but achievable. And, like everything we do, we wing it a little, beg and borrow what we can, ask a lot of questions before we start, and then we  build whatever else we need as cheaply as possible without sacrificing quality.

Our Slow Order Barrel-Aged Stout is aged in barrels that were purchased for us by two of our very generous customers (we call them “the Mike’s”). The barrels became available at a time that Mark was fighting the worst of his cancer, Dan was struggling with getting up to speed at the brewery and we were short handed and funded because of this. The Mike’s offered to buy these barrels for us. Let me type that again because of the amazing statement it is. These two customers BOUGHT the barrels for us. For nothing in return other than their names on the barrels. This is an amazing world folks.

The Two Mikes

The Mikes…(L and R, middle is our nephew, he isn’t in this story, nor is his name Mike, but he is a good kiddo)

So, we went about the business of using these glorious Whiskey Barrels that the good people at Woods High Mountain Distillery were gracious enough to sell us when they were done with them. And voila, out popped the delicious Slow Order Barrel-Aged Stout in 22 oz. bombers.

Okay, there was a lot more to it than that. Including, how does one exactly get the beer from the fermenter to the barrel to age? Or from the barrel into the bottles? People have done this before right? Right?

In any case, with lots of advice from others in the industry…ok let me stop there to mention…DO YOU KNOW HOW KICK ASS THIS INDUSTRY IS? We didn’t know exactly what we were doing. Granted we kinda knew what we were doing but there’s always this doubt. And it is little things like – “Oh, you should probably label those beers BEFORE the beer goes in them” – that are the things that you just don’t think about until you are in the thick of it. There are also big things we learned that I won’t share here because I don’t want to BLOW YOUR MIND with my new extensive bottling beer knowledge but lets just say it is an amazing industry we work in that we could get this kind of advice. Anyway, with lots of advice, we got started getting ready to bottle. (THANK YOUs to Gemini Beer Company, Echo Brewing and Wild Woods Brewery, who are all awesome people who make delicious beer.)

Dan putting Old Burlington Stout into whiskey barrels.

Dan putting Old Burlington Stout into whiskey barrels to create Slow Order Stout

Did you know there are rules to follow when you design beer labels? In Colorado we don’t have to have our labels passed by the feds because we are distributing only locally, but we made them compliant anyway…for when we make it big (well, just in case). And ALSO, did you know that you might want to pay attention to which way the labels are rolled on to the roll? And that the printer might not ask you which way they go because they’ll assume you will tell them because you should know what you are doing? Anyway, if you ever decide to label stuff, think about that.

Dan crafted a cool handmade labeler after watching several videos online. It looked really cool. It would have worked great for a shorter label that didn’t have to make it perfectly straight all the way around the bottle (or if Jean wouldn’t have freaked out every time it was crooked.) It worked ok for ours, but Jean soon discovered that she was better lining the labels up by hand (yay Freshman year of college studio skills). Dan has plans for version 3.0.

Homemade bottler

Dan made this bottle labeler with his own two little hands…and lots of tools. In fact, he made it twice.

But how to get beer INTO the bottles?

After asking around, we borrowed a very small bottler bottler for free…OK, this is another case of “Are you freaking kidding me? This industry is AWESOME!” I’ll leave their name off here so that they don’t get inundated with requests for free bottlers, but we weren’t the first that they did this for and it truly made the whole process less daunting knowing we didn’t have to lay out the money for that right off the bat (in case our bottled beers were so disappointing and people rioted in the streets and demanded we shut our doors…you never know, stuff happens.)


Four-head bottler. Not to be confused with a forehead bottler, which is a VERY specialized product unrelated to the beer industry.

All that was left was a bottle capper and oh my goodness, we had one from a homebrew purchase off Craigs List back in our homebrewing days.


Oh and this very high tech SHARPIE MARKER, with which we hand-numbered each and every bottle:


Voila! Bottled Beer.

Oh wait, not yet, first there was:

Why isn’t this beer carbonating?, crooked labels, thinking we did something wrong and didn’t have enough for 300 bottles (then realizing we were fine, phew), tricking our employees into spending “team building night” bottling beer…and also enlisting the help of children (no children were touching beer, but they make great labelers, cleaners and empty bottle carriers), gushing beer all over our shirts, drinking beer that gushed out of bottler as foam so it didn’t “go to waste”…

300 Suns Release cropped2

Delivering the first case of Slow Order Barrel-Aged Stout to Chris at Longmont Liquors

Then, voila! Bottled beer. And guess what? The experience has been more intimate and connected than we thought. Our friends our posting on social media how they bought their bottle at the store close to them. They are telling us how they plan to keep it for a year, or give it as a Christmas gift to a beer-loving friend, or take it home to their family over the holidays. We have re-connected with some great friends at local liquor stores who have thanked us for finally having bottled beers (who knew?!)


We hope you like it and buy it at your local store. (And if they don’t carry it, ask them to give us a call.) We worked really hard on it. And we hope to do it again real soon. Unless you are currently rioting in the streets, in which case, we have a few bottles of delicious beer here to hold us over…


Grand Re-Opening


Come join us Oct 2 & 3 to celebrate our Grand Re-Opening as a Brewpub an expanded beverage menu, paninis and sharable selections.


Oct 2 5-7pm Christopher Gold
Oct 2 7-9pm Desi & Cody
Oct 3 7-9pm Sandra MacDougall

Scoll down below for bios on these musicans.


Come try the delicious and complex Lushious Belgian Ale. This Collabeeration beer was made with Greg and Dee Thompson. The Thompsons generously bid on a brew day at Mark Lusher’s Fundraising event earlier this year. This is the Thompson’s recipe, honed for the big system by our brewer, Dan and brewed in loving memory of Mark. It has ginger, orange peel and a special ingredient fresh from the garden that will usher in autumn beer drinking days.

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Along with our beer selection, we have these beverages:

Colorado Cider Co. Dry Glider Cider     6.5% ABV
Heavyweight Chardonnay       12.5% ABV
Dante Red Blend  13.5%
Italian Sodas sweetened with cane sugar        
NüBrü Cold-Brewed Coffee      
A smooth, less acidic caffeinated coffee with all-natural and organic ingredients. Locally brewed in Niwot, CO.


Chips & 3 Salsas
Sharable serving of corn chips with black bean & corn, peach and roasted tomato salsa.
Chips & 1 Salsa of your choice

Meat & Cheese Plate 
Butterkase, maturo and porter cheddar with prosciutto and salami served with crackers, olives and dried cranberries. Serves 2-4 people. Gluten-free crackers available.
Cheese only plate
Mini Plate
(Maturo, cheddar, salame & crackers)
Mini Cheese Only (Maturo, cheddar & crackers)

Prosciutto Panini
Prosciutto, salami, roasted red peppers, pesto & fresh mozzarella on locally-made Izzio sourdough. Side of kettle chips.

Pizza Panini 
Pepperoni, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella & tomato sauce on locally-made Izzio sourdough. Side of kettle chips.

3-Cheese Grilled Cheese
Prima Donna maturo, cheddar and butterkase cheeses melted to perfection on locally-made
Izzio sourdough. Side of kettle chips.

Kids Grilled Cheese
Keeping it simple but delicious with kid-pleasing butterkase cheese and a side of kettle chips.
Side of Kettle Chips

Cacao Girl Gourmet Chocolates



Fri Oct 2, 5-7pm
Christopher Gold

Born in Owensboro, Kentucky and raised all over the place, Christopher Gold spent years playing in punk bands before returning home (at least metaphorically) to the music of his father (Longmont’s own Terry Gold, Managing Director of Launch Longmont). Picking up banjo and mandolin along the way, he has traded volume and force for melody and uniquely fingerpicked guitar, but kept all of the honesty and passion that punk rock instilled in him.

Fri Oct 2, 7-9pm
Desi & Cody

The story behind the self-titled, self-released debut album by the Tulsa, OK-based wife-and-husband musical team of Desirae Roses-Clinton and Cody Clinton can be heard in their songs.  It’s a case of girl hears boy playing on the radio, sees his band live, they become friends, start dating, move in together and get married.  The two never even considered joining forces musically until Cody heard Desi singing in the shower, and marveling at her voice, asked her to sing back-up harmonies on his solo EP.  And that’s how Desi and Cody got their start as a performing duo.

Sat Oct 3, 7-9pm
Sandra MacDougall

When you’re talking about Sandra MacDougall aka Songbabe, most people simply say, “She’s got some pipes”. Sandra’s roots in music go back to when she was a small child growing up in the Boston area where she attended a church with a strong musical element complete with a grand hall and red velvet curtained stage. Today you can find her out in about in Longmont gracing local venues with her amazing voice and brightening your day with her amazing warm smile.

A great loss

Brewers make special beer in friend’s honor

Watch the video on 9 news.


300 Suns’ Mark Lusher succumbs to cancer

‘He had that big grin. It was unmistakable.’

By Vince WinkelStaff Writer

This week, the extended family of 300 Suns in Longmont is remembering one of its founders, Mark Lusher.

Lusher passed away Sunday from complications due to his battle with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. He was 42.

The complete Times-Call article>