Every first and third Friday of the month, Bub Comedy hosts our premiere open-mic night at 300 Suns Brewing. Come enjoy your favorite beer in town, while supporting comics from all over Colorado. Show starts at 7:30, with a Beermission for refills and potty-ing. THIS. IS. FREE. Like Sparta, only better. Open Mic Nights are a chance for comedians to get onstage and work on new jokes, have fun with an audience and, generally, increase the quality of their stand-up! Please come with big smiles and laughter, ready to support our local comics on their way to greatness!

Ever wanted to try out your comedy stand-up, sketches or musical bits?
Here’s your chance right here in Longmont. (See our calendar for the next date)

Or love to laugh and drink craft-beer? This is for you too!

Sign up today with Bub Comedy!!