A note to our friends and customers

Anyone who came into the brewery in the last few months could see Mark’s back has been hurting. He went from limping to crutches in a short period. He thought it was an injury, but the MRI told him something different.

How do you tell people the reason why Mark hasn’t been around is that he has cancer? Well, here it is…

Mark found out he has a tumor in his pelvic bone and pelvic area – a rare form of bone cancer. The tumor was causing the pain that went from annoying to excruciating in the course of a few months.

The bad news is, well, Mark has cancer and it comes with all the awful shit a struggle with cancer comes with.

The good news is the foremost doctors in the country in treating this type of cancer are in Colorado and he is in their care. He is in good spirits and is going to beat the crap out of this cancer.

So if you have a Mark sighting, say hi, give him a smile and a hug. Send your positive thoughts.

Keep an eye open, we’d like to do a fundraiser event in March to help Mark and Candace with their bills!



On Tap

We are proud to announce (well it’s been awhile, but still) that we are getting our beers on tap around town and outside of Longmont.

So far, you can find our beers on tap at:

Shoes & Brews
63 S Pratt Pkwy
Longmont, CO 80501

Rosalee’s Pizzaria
461 Main
Longmont, Colorado 80501

NIcolo’s Pizza
1631 Pace Street
Longmont, CO 80504

Sun Rose Cafe
379 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Brix Taphouse and Brewery (soon to be open)
813 8th St
Greeley, Colorado

Collabeeration with BRUDE

The day started off as any good brew day should, with donuts and beer.

Saturday, December 13th we brewed a Barleywine with the BRUDE homebrew group (based out of Erie/Longmont). Why? They made a really delicious Barleywine we wanted to share with the world, and they were gracious enough to let us brew it…And it seemed like a really fun thing to do, because this small group of homebrewers is an awesome group of enthusiastic, laid back, fun people. Plus, what good is it owning a brewery if you can’t share the joy of brewing with people who love to brew?

10 members  joined us throughout the day to brew their recipe for an English Barleywine, which they decided to name  “BRUDEley Wine”. We are shooting for 10-15% ABV and a rich flavor and well-rounded balance of hops and malt. Thank you to the BRUDE group for sharing your enthusiasm and your recipe with us.

Moving 630 lbs of barley malt

Moving 630 lbs of barley malt

We mashed in about 10:00a.m.

We mashed in about 10:00a.m.


Setting up for Sparge.


Dropping 1st Hop Addition (Willamette)

Dropping 1st Hop Addition (Willamette)

Knocking out and transferring through heat exchanger.

Knocking out and transferring through heat exchanger.

Adding Yeast (English S-04)

Adding Yeast (English S-04)


in the newspaper

Longmont, Boulder brewery owners embrace feminine touches

Women of 300 Suns, Shine brewing find niche in male-dominant industry
By Whitney BryenTimes-Call community reporter

Times-Call writer, Whitney Bryen is doing a series of articles on women in the craft-brewing industry. She included us in this months. THANKS WHITNEY!

Read Article>

flying high

We are so excited to be part of the Denver Airport’s exhibit, Colorado on Tap: The State of Brew Culture. You can see this on the pre-security bridge walkway to A gates through December.




Tying the Knot

Nothing like starting a brewery and planning a wedding all within the same year, eh? Our partners in 300 Suns Brewing crime, Mark Lusher and Candace Newcomb tied the knot on Sept. 20!


In a intimate ceremony that would have made Martha Stewart proud, with weather that couldn’t be more perfect, they pledged a long life of love and beer-making together. (OK, the beer part might not have been part of the ceremony.)


Candace was gorgeous, Mark was handsome, both were beaming. They took the party to 300 Suns after so that everyone could share in their happiness.

So, say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Candace Lusher, properly sealing it with a beer….I mean, a kiss!