behind the beer


Mark-Lusher-300-Suns-Brewing1 Mark Lusher passed away in April 2015. His warm smile, infectious laugh and entrepreneurial spirit will be missed greatly.
Name: Mark Lusher
Position in brewery:
drinking lots of beer…I mean quality control and making beer
Most useless talent:
an expert in Windows ‘95
Hinesville, GA
Member: Mensa, Davinci Institute, Veteran USAF
Dan-Ditslear-300-Suns-Brewing Name: Dan Ditslear
Position in brewery:
making sure we all don’t kill each other…in my spare time I brew the beer
Favorite color:
blue…no …yel….auuuuuuugh!….
Proudest moment: I once stood barefoot on a piece of warm pizza just to see how it felt.
Hometown: Tiffin, Ohio
Jean-Ditslear-300-Suns-Brewing Name: My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die! …eh…Jean Ditslear
Position in brewery: translating insanity into communication
Darkest secret: half of my itunes library is show tunes
Most useless talent: ability to hum and whistle at the same time
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio