Foodie Culinary Quiz Tournament – Round 3

Apr 2020

Prove your culinary acuity and win a Chef’s Table 5 Course Dinner + Beer Pairing. Questions on general culinary knowledge including, but not limited to terms, techniques, ingredients, history, facts. Questions will start off on the easier side and get progressively challenging each week.

Hosted by Scratch Kitchen Owner, Chef Nate Say

Tuesday Quiz Nights:
EASY • March 3
MEDIUM • March 10

Team with highest overall tournament score wins a Chef’s Table 5 Course Dinner + Beer Pairing for six people at a mutually-agreed upon date/time

Teams of up to 6 players. Free to play.

There will be smaller prizes at each quiz night. You may play one, two or three quiz nights but your team must register the first night and play all three quiz nights to win the Chef’s Table Prize. Team members do not have to have the same players each night as long as the team registers with no more than 6 players with the same team name each quiz night.