Nick Andrew Staver – live music

Jun 2022

A working class soul.
A ten pound steel guitar.
A voice dripping of nostalgia.

Nick Andrew Staver continues to emerge as a captivating American Roots & Blues songwriter.
The blue collar valleys of southern Pennsylvania have carved out Nick’s musical story focusing on the benefits & struggles that come with small town living.
Writing and recording as a solo artist since 2014 has led to the release of a handful of albums including Medicine (2020) and Medicine Acoustic (2020) and most recently a live house concert storytellers album, Live. In House (2021)
Live. In House features fan favorites “Temperance” & “Working Hands” as perfect examples of the play between intimacy and humor from the start of the songwriting task to the performance delivery.
With work on another full length studio album underway, 2022 is hopeful to return to the American road with a batch of new songs in tow.