Summer Sundown HOPE Fundraiser – Irish Scottish Folk Music

Jul 2021
violin, guitar, nyckelharpa, and tenor banjo
love poems for the soul
– $1 Off Every Pint Sold will go to HOPE (Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement).
– Suggested $10 donation. You can pre-donate and let us know you are coming (and get entered to win a swag bag and gift card) at…/register/new/select-tickets
(Donating for ticket does not guarantee seating. May be standing room only)

About the Musicians:
Melding the musical traditions of Sweden and Ireland, Sandra and Jon take you on a journey through traditional music and more. Joy radiates in the music they make, featuring violin, guitar, nyckelharpa, and tenor banjo. Ruby Begay sings love poems for the soul. With lilting melodies and poignant lyrics she peels back the layers that separate us from each other and from our own essence. Her songs are tendrils of compassion and encouragement that guide us toward deeper tenderness as we navigate this messy and magical life. She weaves a musical tapestry of heart-softening positivity through finger picking guitar, otherworldly loop-pedal harmonies, and lyrics that are rooted in the soils of our collective human experience