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A partnership forged in love of craft

When you know you’ve met a partner you can love for life: We knew Nate was a great guy, a great chef and a hard worker, but these past months working side by side to craft both of our dreams into reality was better than we could imagine. This picture says it all. Nate and Scratch Food Truck share the same love for all things craft that we do. Making things from scratch, by hand…from food and beer to shelves in the office (they are shelves…even though they both insist on the prospect of nap-time in there!). Nate puts the same love and DIY craftiness into his business as we do into ours. We couldn’t be more grateful or happy to have continued our adventure at our small, local craft brewery with this guy to make your experience even better! CHEERS!!!!

Happy New Year note

A note from 300 Suns as we head into the New Year and say THANK YOU to all of our existing and future customers! Thank you!!! You are awesome…and also gorgeous…and smart, did we mention how gosh-darned smart you are?

Dear Future Customers:

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A great loss

Brewers make special beer in friend’s honor

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300 Suns’ Mark Lusher succumbs to cancer

‘He had that big grin. It was unmistakable.’

By Vince WinkelStaff Writer

This week, the extended family of 300 Suns in Longmont is remembering one of its founders, Mark Lusher.

Lusher passed away Sunday from complications due to his battle with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. He was 42.

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