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We have a location!

We have been hard at work:

Man, working through the licensing has been a bear, so if you haven’t heard much from us, that is why. We would sure rather be brewing beer, than dealing with paperwork. But, we have happily completed the hundreds of pages of supplied info for the license applications and now the federal and state licensing are  just waiting for approval.

Meanwhile, some awesome stuff happened and we FINALLY have really exciting news:

The location:

We have a space!!!! That’s right, we’ve signed a lease at 335 1st Avenue, Unit C. If you aren’t familiar with that area, we are east of the Cheese Importers, South of the former turkey plant (click here for a map).


It’s a great central location, in the Downtown District, but still in a somewhat industrial area to accommodate the brewery. The landlord takes great care of the property and we can’t wait to be a valuable addition to the mix of tenants there. Here’s some rendering of the plans for the space:



We are very excited to start working on building out the space and hope it’s much more fun than the last couple of months have been…

Come say “hi” at Oktoberfest:

Since we don’t have a license yet, we can’t serve beer at the upcoming Oktoberfest, but Josh at Left Hand Brewing was gracious enough to ask us to participate with a booth at the event! So, we will be there selling t-shirts and bottle openers (portion of the proceeds going to charity), giving away stickers, and you can enter to win a cool giveaway which inclused a free growler fill every month for a year! We look forward to seeing everyone there. This is a fun event and supports some really worthy causes.


Thanks again to everyone in the community and out who are helping to make this dream a reality!

We ordered our kettle

…with Indiegogo funds

Thanks to the generous support of the community, we were able to place an order for our kettle this past week. Check out our supporters here. We now have the mash tun in our hands and are still scouting locations and have some promising prospects.



We expect things to move quickly in the coming months! Check us out on Facebook or Twitter for more timely updates. Be sure to make beer suggestions and sign up to be notified of our Collabeeration events. This is a special email list just for these events so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to compete with your best brews, or to participate in a judging panel. We can’t wait to see you in the brewery later this year!


Test batches

We are currently brewing our test brews, getting our business plan in order and scouting out locations. 300 Suns Brewing is going to be a community brewery so YOUR input will shape the brews you get to drink there! Check back soon for information on our Collabeeration concept. For now, please let us know what you would like to see brewed and fan us on facebook so we can keep you up to date on our progress. CHEERS!